Join a tribe of globally-minded
entrepreneurs and investors

We are building the world's most definitive resource for doing business,

investing in, and building startups around the world.

We are a highly-curated, global community of entrepreneurs & investors who want to connect, learn, and expand their network.

Community Perks

Curated expert insights on opportunities in global markets

A comprehensive collection of courses on conducting business and discovering opportunities in markets around the world.

Virtual Networking

Virtual happy hour sessions and planned Meetups at prominent global conferences to better connect with the community.

Access and network with key policymakers

Each month we introduce an ambassador or minister to present their country’s business environment and answer questions.

A Curated, Supportive Community

This community is highly curated and only allows good-hearted entrepreneurs, investor, and startup support organizations

Top down introductions into countries all around the world

Our members are key influencers in cities and countries all around the world. Wherever you need to plugged in, us or one of our members can help.

Bespoke Market

Our members can submit topic areas or regional interests that they desire for us to bring in an expert to conduct a webinar.

What's waiting for you on the inside...

A growing library of courses, guides, and training on doing business in markets around the world.

Bi-weekly live streams with
ambassadors, best-selling authors, and global business experts.

Connect and collaborate with a curated community to expand your network and find partners in other markets.

About the Founder

Hi, my name is Andrew Berkowitz, founder and host of The Global Startup Movement.

In just 5 years our podcast grew from nothing into a flagship brand in a portfolio of globally syndicated media properties that reach over 2.5 million people worldwide every month. Both our expert guests and passionate listeners love to learn, grow, and are key their local community into the future. And when community leaders like this connect and come together, that’s when magic happens.

The Global Startup Tribe

The Global Startup Tribe is an online networking and career development community for globally-minded entrepreneurs and investors.

It’s made up of economic development professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and academics

It’s a place to build a global network, potential ecosystems partners, learn, and gain life-long friends.

Together, you’ll learn from bestselling authors and international thought leaders.

Here’s exactly what you get when you join…

Courses & trainings on doing business and finding opportunity in global markets

We conduct bespoke expert sessions, ambassador presentations and are building a library of structured courses to ensure all current and future team members have a curated library of ecosystem building tools a their disposal.

Members can submit topics, themes, and immediate challenges in their ecosystem and we’ll search for the right expert to conduct a bespoke expert session on topics that are beneficial to our community.

Livestreams with recognized experts and ambassadors twice each month

Every other week we curate a different expert across many different areas of startups and innovation ecosystem building to conduct an hour long Q&A session

This is bi-weekly and hosted by Andrew.

You and other members will gather on a live video conference.

You can ask questions, share your thoughts, and discover ways to implement these ideas in your ecosystems.

Weekly virtual happy hour networking session

These are weekly community building calls. We randomly split up everyone into small groups of 3-5 for 15 minute slots where you can have more personal and free flowing conversations over wine and beer.

We cycle through this over an hour and a half and people can enter and leave as they please.

Meetups & Group Events
at Conferences

We schedule group meetups, coordinate Airbnbs, and organize social events for our members at major technology and startup conferences. We use the power of the crowd to get group rate accommodations, reservations at bars, and more for our members at popular technology conferences.

Individual Membership

per month

Organization Membership

per month

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two sessions you can join each week. Thursdays from 8:30pm-10pm New York time or Friday 9pm-10:30pm Europe time

We go live in a private Facebook Group and on a Zoom Webinar call. All livestreams last an hour total with 35 minute presentations before opening up to open Q&A sessions.

You will automatically be billed every 30 days or once a year depending on the payment plan you choose.

If you decide to cancel, let us know before the next billing cycle, and you will not be charged.

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